Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mushroom & Onion Salad

As you can tell, I still don't have enough of mushrooms. After I read "eat'n veg'n blog" last night, I told myself "THIS IS IT". I just love quick and easy recipe.

I asked Diann (aTxVegn) for permission to post this recipe and she kindly gave the okay. Yeah!!!

This salad is SUPER easy to make. Please go to
eat'n veg'n vegan food and recipes for the recipe.

I took this picture before I put it in the fridge. And after 4 hours of chilling, I just couldn't stop eating it. I had to pinch my arm to make sure that I was not dreaming. Wow! I thought I was in heaven!! It's not gonna get any better than this. Believe me!!!


  1. Oh, you did a fabulous job! I'm glad it was as yummy as I thought it would be. I can't wait to make it myself.

  2. aTxVegn,
    It tastes even better the next day! You should make it soon. Thanks again for the recipe.:)

  3. Love your blog, beautiful pictures!!