Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garden Update

I hope you remembered that I posted My Magical Garden!! a while ago. Today, I would like to share with you how big they are.

Wow! My tomato plants are growing out of control, aren't they?

The chili plant is full of chilies, who wants to help me eat them???

One more chili plant, Thai basil and garlic scapes which I didn't get to cook them so I gave it to

This giant plant popped out from the ground and keeps growing... and growing... way too big. I'm not sure it's a pumpkin or watermelon because I like to throw their seeds over that area. We'll see!!!

More tomatoes!

My first ripe tomatoes!

I just picked the red tomatoes yesterday and ate them all by myself, so fresh, so sweet and so juicy! I'm loving it!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Proud Easy Veggie Mom!

My son, Nathan graduated from Madison Elementary School in Redondo Beach today. My husband and I went to his 5th Grade Promotion this morning. It was the most memorable event in my life. They served fantastic continental breakfast before the ceremony, I was too overjoyed to think about photographing any food (Sorry no food pics this time!!! :).

I can't believe it, my baby is going to middle school this fall!

He received the President's award for Educational Excellence at the awards ceremony. This award is given to exiting elementary school students who have earned an A- average on report cards in grades four and five and a score of advanced on the reading and mathematics section of the CST (California Standards Test). It represents the highest academic honor a student can receive. He received a certificate signed by the President Barack Obama and a pin.

He also received Good Attendance Award and Physical Fitness Award from the school. We just couldn't stop smiling! Please don't blame us to be too proud!!!


Madison 2009 Chess Tournament
Last Saturday, Nathan won Grand Second Prize of Madison 2009 Chess Tournament. Nobody would be more proud than Easy Veggie Dad, I'm sure!!!

"Water is Life" Art Contest
On April 27, Nathan received an Honorable Mention Award for the annual "Water is Life" Art Contest sponsored by the West Basin Municipal Water District. This Art Contest encouraged students to create and illustrate water-smart conservation messages. Over 400 students entered artwork into 3 categories: elementary, middle, and high school. He received a $100- gift card to Michael's Arts & Crafts Store. I loved it!

Congratulations, Nathan!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh! So exciting!!!

Oh! So exciting!!! I'll be leaving for Thailand in 3 weeks! I've so many things to do other than going to work 3 days a week, my hours have been cut because of the bad economy but I always keep myself busy with life... which is good, isn't it??? So I thought I would stop blogging for a while until I come back from my vacation in early August. Just to read and give comments to other bloggers would be really such a pleasure for me!

But after I got a lot of compliments from my family how delicious the dinner was. I think I need to post my lovely dinner tonight because it was an unforgettable dish for me!!!

Easy Veggie Lasagna

I really wanted to make Lasagna when I saw this recipe from Heathen Vegan Blog. At that time, my husband was out of town so I thought I should wait until he's back home. And later, I saw Winter Perfect Veggie Lasagne from Roses r Red Blog which also looked so good. I still didn't get to make it until...I found It's-So-Easy Lasagna from Just the food Blog. So I decided to make my lasagna based on this recipe because I have almost all the ingredients.

The recipe called for dried basil but I don't have it so it's a good time for me to use the sweet basil from my very own garden. Look..., how pretty!!

I added yellow squash on top of my side after I realized that I didn't have any veggies in my lasagna. My husband and my son wanted steamed broccoli. Good for them!!!

Here is my left-over. Yay! I will have it for lunch at work tomorrow.

Purple Smoothie
I have been making smoothie a lot lately. I have to thank all my favorite bloggers who have inspired me to eat and drink healthy. I made this purple smoothie my easy way by using whatever I have on hand which are frozen blueberries, red grapes, gala apples, dates and orange juice, blend all together until smooth. Such a sweet treat for me, I love it!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!