Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh! So exciting!!!

Oh! So exciting!!! I'll be leaving for Thailand in 3 weeks! I've so many things to do other than going to work 3 days a week, my hours have been cut because of the bad economy but I always keep myself busy with life... which is good, isn't it??? So I thought I would stop blogging for a while until I come back from my vacation in early August. Just to read and give comments to other bloggers would be really such a pleasure for me!

But after I got a lot of compliments from my family how delicious the dinner was. I think I need to post my lovely dinner tonight because it was an unforgettable dish for me!!!

Easy Veggie Lasagna

I really wanted to make Lasagna when I saw this recipe from Heathen Vegan Blog. At that time, my husband was out of town so I thought I should wait until he's back home. And later, I saw Winter Perfect Veggie Lasagne from Roses r Red Blog which also looked so good. I still didn't get to make it until...I found It's-So-Easy Lasagna from Just the food Blog. So I decided to make my lasagna based on this recipe because I have almost all the ingredients.

The recipe called for dried basil but I don't have it so it's a good time for me to use the sweet basil from my very own garden. Look..., how pretty!!

I added yellow squash on top of my side after I realized that I didn't have any veggies in my lasagna. My husband and my son wanted steamed broccoli. Good for them!!!

Here is my left-over. Yay! I will have it for lunch at work tomorrow.

Purple Smoothie
I have been making smoothie a lot lately. I have to thank all my favorite bloggers who have inspired me to eat and drink healthy. I made this purple smoothie my easy way by using whatever I have on hand which are frozen blueberries, red grapes, gala apples, dates and orange juice, blend all together until smooth. Such a sweet treat for me, I love it!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. That lasagna is a thing of beauty!!!! It's perfect! You should make it the next time we have a family potluck! I'm sure everyone would love it. We need to beat out that meat lasagna that someone always seems to make
    (the frozen kind!). No offense to whoever made them but I think the kids are sick of that one and NEED to try yours!

  2. That lasagna looks great! I love basil in savory dishes. For some reason i shy away from tofu the tofu taste in it strong?
    Its amazing how many variations of vege lasagna there is isnt it?!
    Thats so exciting you are going to Thailand! So jelous ;)

  3. I've never thought to put dates in a smoothie, but I'll bet they'd make it really sweet. I have some in my cupboard, so I'll try it tomorrow morning! Have a great time in Thailand. There has to be great veggie food there, right?

  4. I LOVE your lasagna!!!!! It tastes soooo GOOD!!!! I never knew it was tofu!!! =D

    _____ _____

  5. kmouse,
    Let's get together soon! I'd love to bring this easy & tasty lasagna to our family potluck. I believe everyone would love it too.

    P.S. Nathan asked for lasagna again tonight but I already ate it all for lunch!

    The tofu was very tasty after I seasoned with garlic powder & salt, the taste wasn't strong at all. And YES, you're absolutely right about variations of veggie lasagna, it's so amazing. I can't wait to try your recipe with all kinds of my favorite veggies.

    Oh, don't be jealous about Thailand, you just came back from a lovely vacation, remember?

    Yes, my smoothie was really sweet because of dates, I loved it so much. I got this idea from kmouse. That's right, I heard veggie food is very popular in Thailand now. My sister has a list of vegetarian restaurants for me. I'm so excited and can't wait to try them all.

    Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, I really appreciate it. xoxo =D

  6. Your lasagna is a thing of beauty and sounds sooooo delicious! The smoothie looks lovely too and I like the combination of fruits you used.

    Have a fantastic vacation!

  7. That lasagna looks so tasty! Mmm!

    Yay for smoothies!! I am hooked!

  8. Great blog! Lasagna is one of my favourite foods, and hey, so are fruit smoothies! Now I'm hungry... :)

  9. Thanks for the comment! You are entered in the giveaway! My little sister spent a summer in Thailand and fell in love with the country and the people. She is still saying how she would love to move there for a few years. I hope you have an A-MAZING time!

  10. A cookbook (tea) party sounds fun. We should meet up at my place with our cookbooks and mark recipes we like and then go to kinko's to make copies for each other. I have a LOT of books with recipes that you might want to try. I'd like to see what books you have. That salad book looked interesting...

  11. Great idea, Kim! Let's do it before I go to Thailand. How about Sun.6/14 or 6/21 (Father's Day)? Or if you want to spend time with your hubby on Sunday, we can do Mon 6/15 or 6/22. Let me know. =D

  12. Hi! I can't on 6/14 (I'll be watching a Dodger game on tv, sorry!) and 6/21, we're taking my dad out for father's day. But 6/15 and 6/22 I don't have to go to work until 2pm. Maybe we can meet early on one of those days and have tea and light breakfast at my house? Like around 9 am, is that too early? I could make some tofu scramble and toast.. We'd have about four hours to spend...

  13. That sounds wonderful! Let's do it on 6/22, It's not too early for me. I can be there earlier so I can see your parents a little bit. =D

  14. Hi! How are the Thailand preparations going? One more week, right? EEK!!!!
    PS- Thanks for all your sweet comments. They make my day every time!

  15. Thanks for helping me counting down the days, Katrina! I'll be leaving Fri. June 26, I've 8 more days...EEK!!!! I haven't started packing yet, I'm a last minute queen! =D

  16. Awwww - you mentioned me.

    *BIG grin*

    Your Lasagna looks truly scrumptious. I've been having a Smoothie every day for breakfast for the past week and I'm really loving them. Such a quick easy way to get so much goodness into our bodies.
    Oooh - I just found out your mouse's cousin!! That is so cool 'cos I love her blog too.


  17. Oh, Jeni! Don't you know that I AM a BIG fan of you??? I've been reading your blog since early 2009. I found you from reading kmouse's blog, you're very inspiring!!!

    YES! kmouse has inspired me so much, she introduced me to the vegan blogger world. I owe her a BIG thanks.

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  19. Oh that lasagna looks amazing!

    Thanks again for all the help! I got your post and am hoping to try it again this weekend! Thanks!