Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

A quick post without food tonight, I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Halloween with lots of tricks and treats!!! We usually don't send Halloween cards to anyone but my son always receives cards from these special relatives and his best friend.

This BOO came from his grandpa!

This cutie was from his best friend, Aksel!

Another Boo came from Auntie Donna!

Red Ninja, Nathan and Evil Jester, Jacob went trick-or-treating!



  1. I dont think theres such thing as a halloween card in Australia! so i was suprised to see these. Love the costumes, now im wishing I went to a halloween party this year. Happy halloween to you :)


  2. Very cute cards and costumes! The card with pets as ghosts is adorable.

    Did your son have a nice time on Halloween? I have very fond memories of Halloween from my childhood.


  3. Thats so sweet, all the cards plus costumes...

    B/n thanks for those lovely words at my blog.

  4. Oh those are great pictures! Looks like a fun halloween!

  5. Alicia,
    =D I had so much fun! Thank you.

    All different kind of things come with the cards like money =$, stickers and pictures.

    Happy Belated Halloween Everyone!! =D

  6. Hi orphans,I am late here.i am sorry...Belated happy halloween!!cards and costumes are very cute..:)

    p.s :Thank u very much oraphan.....It feels really wonderful when people like u appreciate it Seeing my recipe and ur words for me on my blog is best compliment one can get! thanks so much again oraphan...No doubt we are twins ha ha ha...!

  7. Cute outfits and lovely cards..Glad that you guys had lot of fun :D

  8. Thank you all so very much for your kind words, I really appreciate your time:)

  9. Happy belated Halloween to you, Nathan!
    I'm glad you had a lot of fun with your friends.
    It was too cold to go out for trick-or-treating
    over here,so we stayed at home for giving out candies
    & we had fun, too!! :) <3