Friday, October 23, 2009

Vegan Eats!

I've been dying to share with you my Vegan Eats in the past week or so. Just wanted to make sure you all know that I AM still enjoying vegan diets, hehe:)...

I was distracted by my naughty camera. All of a sudden, my camera didn't seem to work so well, sometime the pics came out too bright, sometime too blurry, but sometime perfectly this one below:

Carrot Ginger Soup

Inspired by The Life Blog . It was perfect time to enjoy this tasty soup when the weather was so cold with heavy rain last week. Creamy, spicy and delicious, Mmm.

Veggie & Tofu Drunken Noodle

We had company last Monday night, so we ordered Take-Out from Bamboo Thai Bistro. I had this spicy and delicious drunken noodle, I made sure there were no fish sauce or oyster sauce in my food.

Insalata di Farro

Most of the time, I bring lunch to eat at work but one Saturday I treated myself by ordering this oh so good "Insalata di Farro" from Pasta Pomodoro Restaurant. There are farro with grilled asparagus and zucchini, marinated red onions, and olives. I enjoyed it so much with warm bread. YUM!

Oh! and I did NOTforget to tell them not to put pecorino cheese in my food.

No Seaweed Veggie Sushi Rolls

Forgot to post this photo from one Friday night that I was determined to try making veggie sushi rolls without seaweed (especially for Rose ).

Homemade Almond Milk
I've been making my own almond milk since I started drinking green smoothies. I use the recipe from CLEAN . The recipe called for 1 cup of nuts (I use raw almonds), soaked for 3 hours in purified water (I usually soak it overnight in the fridge because I tend to forget all the time), 1 tsp vanilla extract, 2 tsp agave syrup and 3 cups purified water. Blend for about 3 minutes and strain through cheesecloth. This recipe makes about 4 cups of almond milk and store in the fridge ; lasts for 2 days.

You can find more "homemade almond milk" with slightly different recipes and step by step great pictures from The Voracious Vegan and Gluten Free Gidget and if you'd like to make some yummy muffins from the leftover almond pulps (which I did), please go to Almond Pulp Recipe from Gluten Free Gidget . They are truly amazing!!!

Homegrown Cherry Tomato Smoothie

hehe...I'm so proud to show off the last batch of my cherry tomatoes from my little garden. Whenever I run out of kale, I just made cherry tomato smoothie picked freshly right from the garden.

I still have a LOT more pics to show and tell about my vegan eats but I have to go to bed now. I've been up so late almost every night reading my favorite blogs. It has been truly fascinating to read about different ways of living by my new friends in the blog world.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Funny thing, it look me clicking on the link to realize that I write "The Life" blog. heh. I am a clown. The drunken noodle looks great! I wish my soup looked as good as yours! :)

  2. oh my gosh, you did it! How did you manage to make the sushi without it falling apart?? Im wanting to make this now! :) But probably will make it in the next week or so. So I want to get it right how youve done it... So can I use the basmati rice for this? and what are those little black seeds on the outside?
    The carrot ginger soup looks great! I make a carrot corriander soup occasionally which is pretty yummy.
    You are doing really well with the vegan diet, im looking forward to hearing if you feel any different cutting out the animal products.
    You are truely lucky to have your own tomatos! YUM! I would make bruscetta with those :)
    Hope you have a great weekend also.


  3. Great post. The carrt soup looks gorgeous.

    I am fascinated with the sushi without seaweed. Never would have thought it would stay together. The black sesame seeds look great on the outside.

    Thanks for the link on the almond milk pulp use. I have been making almond milk for a while and have been experiementing with uses for the pulp too. It makes great "nut cheese", added to veggie burgers and I make a "faux pate" with it as well. However, I haven't tried muffins so I can't wait to see that recipe.

    Have a great weekend,

  4. I've never made my own nut milk. I don't use a lot of nondairy milk (usually I end up throwing away 1/2 the carton because it's gone bad), but I think homemade would be luxurious in chai.

  5. Great post! I need to make my own almond milk asap!

  6. Awesome post and thanks for the shout-out! You rock my socks!

  7. Sushi looks Awesome!! Did the almond milk taste good?!?!? Yum! tomatoes look delicious.
    P.S. didn't have enough time to sign in. =P

  8. OMG! That sushi looks great! Did that almond milk taste good?!?! I love your tomatoes!! Your making me hungry again, lol. =D One day when I come over to your house I'm going to have to try your delicious sushi's. xD

  9. I am so impressed with all the delicious looking vegan food you've been having - truly an inspiration!

  10. Hi oraphan...your pics are a treat by themselves.. i love sushi looks awesome.....almond milk is very healthy and we use to give to childrens very day in the morning...The carrot ginger soup looks amazing...sure will give a try and let u know dear..I too love gardening..ur tomatoes looks awesome and feel like having some..Thanks for sharing...U rock!!
    Have a great day.

  11. Most pics look great!! My favorite would be carrot
    ginger soup & drunken noodle. The Insalata di Farro looks delicious, too.. I would love to try
    this dish one of these days, thanks for your info.

  12. Wow! You grew those cherry tomatoes yourself? You are SO lucky, it must be such fun to eat food that is really and truly all yours!

    Okay, please book a ticket to Saudi Arabia and move in with us so you can be our chef because this food looks GOOD! That soup has the most beautiful color I've ever seen and as a sushi fanatic I must tell you that I cannot stop drooling after seeing those beautiful rolls!

  13. My mum used to make me and my brothers almond milk a lot when we were young, I had completely forgotten until I read your entry. I must re-acquaint myself with a lovely glass of home-made almond milk again. Thanks for reminding me.

  14. I would love seaweedless sushi too, but I can't imagine how you made it. Your rice must have been so perfect.

    Thanks for reminding me to make my own almond milk. It seems so easy and would sure be a good way to save a little money.

  15. Ooooh-now I have to try the drunken noodles!!!
    Try adding some saffron strands to the almond milk the next time you make it-adds a lovely flavor,fragrance and a nice yellow shade to it :)

  16. HayMarket: Sorry, I should have told you before I posted but your soup looked amazing, that's why I wanted to give it a try!

    Rose: I don't think you can use Basmati rice (I have never tried it before). I believe you can find short grain Japanese rice at Asian Markets. I sprinkled sesame seeds over the rice so it's not too sticky when I touch it and cut the roll. I can't wait to see your experiment with sushi! Good luck!

    Alicia: I'm glad you're interested in sushi w/o seaweed and almond pulp muffins. Please let me know how it goes.

    Mary & Kmouse: You should try making almond milk, you'll love it.

    GF Gidget: You're welcome, Katrina! You rock my world!!!

    Nathan & AnnV: Homemade almond milk tastes so good with nutty flavor, you should try it sometime, you'll love it. AnnV: When are you going to come to my house? Can't wait to make sushi for you!

    Simply Life & Sangeetha & P'Noi & The Voracious Vegan: Thanks so much for your kind words, you just made my day!

    mangocheeks & aTxvegn: I'm so glad this post helped reminding you to make almond milk again.

    aTxVegn: I used Calrose short grain rice mixed with rice vinegar as I normally do but I have to make sure that I roll it very tight. I failed so many times.

    Sweta: Welcome! Thanks for the tips, I'll try that next time:)

    Thank you ALL so much again for your lovely comments, I really appreciate your time. You all rock my world!!!

  17. ooo ohk black sesame seeds and short grain rice! Im excited to try :) I think I will use avocado carrot and cucumber...not so keen on the tofu (as you know) anything else I could put in it?
    Thanks so much for your help, you are always so lovely and helpful :) Funny you felt like youve known me for a long time when looking at that photo, i guess weve known each other since we both started blogging earlier this year, which does now seen like ages ago!
    Hope you have a lovely week :)


  18. I've never seen a completely seaweed- or otherwise wrapper-less sushi roll before... Fascinating!