Monday, October 19, 2009

Lentil Salad And Veggie Sushi

I'm having such a hard time deciding what I wanted to share with you today!!! My hero, Nathan stepped in and said "Mom, you should post about Lentil Salad because it's VEGAN and I LOVE it"!!! Oh, yeah! He is absolutely right and I have to say "the whole family loved it".

The story of this crunchy and yummy salad came from Nathan's Pre-Algebra class. He has to find a recipe that has at least 10 ingredients with at least 5 fractions for his project. He picked this recipe from CLEAN BOOK without thinking what the ingredients are and if he would like it or not????

So I made this Lentil Salad for our dinner last night. Below is the photo of the salad after I mixed all the ingredients. Does it look amazing??? I still can't believe that my family ate raw salad (they usually don't), I didn't even have leftovers for my lunch today!

This salad is super easy to make. The most important part is the salad dressing which contains olive oil, cumin, turmeric, freshly grated ginger, crushed garlic, lime juice, and sea salt. Put all the ingredients together in a glass jar with lid and shake vigorously. The recipe called for dried green lentils which you have to cook them until they are tender, zucchini, cucumber, carrots, pineapple (all diced), chopped cilantro and scallions. I used shredded carrots as I like to be easy and omitted the pineapple because I didn't have it. Then, I mixed the lentils, all the vegetables and the dressing together.

And....Voila! The delicious Lentil Salad...served on top of the greens!!!

I'm soooooo sad:( ....... to tell you that I burnt my pumpkin seeds last night. I had to throw them all away but I won't give up, I'll try to roast them again very soon. I just need to set a timer next time!!!!

We usually go out to dinner on Saturdays because it's my day to work and I don't feel like cooking. Last Saturday night, we went to
Open Sesame Mediterranean Grill in Manhattan Beach. I had these tasty Falafel patties served with hummus, fattoush, tomato, lettuce, wild cucumber pickles, tahini sauce and pita. I noticed that the menu indicates which dishes are for Vegetarian or Vegan or Raw. There are so many Vegan choices that I would like to go back and try. Can't wait!!!

Veggie Sushi

I'd like to keep you posted about my Sushi experiment every Friday night, lol:). I hope you don't think I'm weird to come up with the above pics. YES, I had Veggie Sushi Bowl for dinner last Friday night!!!! I first started with the idea of making Sushi rice, I wet my hands with water, take about 2 tablespoons of the rice in one hand and mold into a rectangular cylinder shape. Put a tiny bit of wasabi on top and cover with a piece of avocado. Later, I got lazy so I put all the veggies on top of a bowl of sushi rice. Does it sound easy to you??? Hope you'll give this a try, ha ha!!!


  1. Ooooh!!!! OMG.. your Lentil Salad looks sooo good,
    I can't wait to make this dish for myself!
    Thanks to Nathan for his idea, all ingredients from this recipe are my favorite & seem very easy
    to cook. I'll add this recipe to my all time favorite recipes right now. Also,other dish from
    the Mediterranean Restaurant looks yummy, too.
    Every post looks nice & inviting, great effort &
    I love it!!

  2. wow, that salad sounds amazing! what interesting ingredients. I cant believe your son picked it out.
    Too bad about your pumpkin seeds :( I burn things like that too sometimes too-even with a timer! haha
    How lovely the falafel dinner sounds! I wish there were restaurants here that had lots of vegan choices.
    ooo I like your sushi experiment! and its got no seaweed-im impressed :)


  3. oh and you asked how many brown shoes i have...LOTS! :) 2 boots, 2 thongs, 1 sandles, 3 heels, and the flats in my most recent post. Brown seems to go with most things, so its the most common colour of my shoes :)


  4. Wow, I love that this became a meal everyone loved and could take part in! Nathan sounds adorable!

  5. I love lentils! That salad sounds great! :)

    My hubby just asked me last night "When are we making pumpkin seeds" Haha! Sorry yours burnt! Hopefully I won't have the same problem!

  6. That salad is definitely right up my alley. The spices used in the dressing are many of my favorites!

  7. Love your style of writing gal!! Comforting, healthy and yum.Sounds interesting.looks so yummmm Thats a quick delicious salad,will try this soon...

  8. Any way to make lentils tasty is exciting for me. I ate nothing but lentils for a month once, and they were quite plain, haha. Thanks for the recipe! =]

  9. Oh man, I'm such a lentil-phobe, I'm always scared that I won't be able to make something fun with them so I usually end up with a big bowl of them, topped with tons of hot sauce and some ww toast... time to branch out- starting here!


    I'm obsessed with your blog now, I've been looking around and want to stock up on tofu as soon as I move to try these recipes out!

  10. Beautiful salad! Good job Nathan for picking out the recipe.

    That Open Sesame place sounds GOOOOOOD! We should go there together one day.

  11. Aren't you just the sweetest thing! :o)

  12. Your lentil salad sounds yummy! It must have been good sincr your family ate it all. Bummer about the pumpkin seeds getting burnt. I hope they turn out better next time.

  13. The lentil salad looks wonderful. Lentils are my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

    I have been making sushi a lot lately too. Can't wait to see what you do with it on Fridays.


  14. That lentil salad sure looks good! I like the sound of the ingredients, except for the pineapple (it was probably best that you left it out).

    I'm sorry about your pumpkin seeds. The seeds in your picture don't look burnt--they're supposed to be light brown. Are those the ones you threw away? I'd eat them!

    I'll be roasting more next week, after I carve three or four jack-o-lanterns.

  15. Thank u oraphan,that was so nice of you to leave such a generous glad to know that this humble space of mine is of some help to u ......pls try and let me know the probs if u skip them.Instead of fenugreek powder u can substitute with fenugreek seeds..if u don't get that.. then no issues u can skip that.Fish tamarind is normally used only for fish curry...u can substitute with normal tamarind.If u have more doubts... pls feel free to write me.Ur always welcome dear.

  16. First time here.You have an awesome space. Lentil Salad and the sushi looks delicious.Will keep visiting:).

  17. Yumm!! That veggie sushi looks absolutely delicious! And the Lentil salad looks good too! Making me really hungry now, lol.

  18. =)Hope my teacher gives me an A+ for this project
    It's a great recipe!!! Thanks,mom.
    Sorry for the burnt pumpkin seeds ={ I'll remind you next time! (")(-_-)(")

  19. That lentil salad ("fraction salad", haha!) looks amazing! I will try that, cold lentil salads are so yummy.

    Sorry your pumpkin seeds burnt...that happens to me too, I have to stand right by the stove the whole time or I burn them :)

    What a nice dinner out -- a treat after your day of work!

    Just found your blog and am enjoying it :)

  20. Veggie sushi is one of my favorites, so I'm always happy to see more variations! My current favorite is roasted red pepper, avocado, and cucumber rolls... But there's just so much potential for creativity, I never do the same thing for long, and I never get bored. :)

  21. Salad looks divine, I could eat them all, ha ha just kidding. Nice one.

    Guess, first time here, you have a great space here.:)

  22. I'm stopping by again to inform that you have been bestowed a "kreativ Blogger" on my page.pls Do come by to collect them when you have the time, dearest:)

  23. I love lentil salads and yours looks perfectly delicious. How fun your son picked out for a school project. I think when kids pick out recipes they tend to enjoy it more!

  24. Positive thinking is SO important! It's funny you mentioned it because I ended up writing about the power of positive thinking again today, without even intending it at first...

    Looking forward to more of your posts!


  25. Thank you ALL so very much for your kind comments, I really appreciate it!!!