Sunday, February 7, 2010

Awards And Surprise!!!

I am truly honored that I was the winner of Healthy Cooking Challenge-Family Favorites co-hosted by Alicia at Vegan Epicurean and Rose at Dandelion for my submission of Brown Rice and Kale Soup with Tofu and Ginger.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Alicia and Rose for giving me this opportunity to create healthy cooking recipes which helps maintain healthy lifestyle for me and my family. I had so much fun and I am really touched by your kindness and hard work to make this great challenge happen.

All the wonderful healthy recipes that were submitted for this challenge can be found on this post. For those who are interested in submitting your healthy cooking recipes for the next challenge, please go to Vegan Epicurean Blog-Healthy Cooking Challenge-Fast Food. The deadline is February 28, midnight your time.

I am so happy to receive this Happy 101-Sweet Friends Award from Rachana Kothari at Veggi Fare. Thank you very much, Rachana for sharing this award with me, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!

I would like to pass this award onto all my sweet blogger friends. Please display this award on your blogs and I would really love to know what are 10 things that make each of you happy:)

Here are 10 things that make me happy:)

1) Being with my family no matter where I am:)
2) Being productive at work or at home:)
3) Taking a nap or having a good quality sleep:)
4) Flowers (especially roses and orchids) and gardening:)
5) When I read my son's progress reports:)
6) When my family enjoys the food that I cook for them:)
7) Talking on the phone with my mom, my siblings and my girl friends:)
8) Thai food, Mmm:)

9) When I don't have a Migraine headache or skin rash:)
10) Reading lovely comments about my food blog:)

I also received this Beautiful Blogger Award from
Collaborative Curry Blog, one of my favorite food blogs that always shares such beautiful photos and fantastic recipes and great tips. I am so flattered that you bestowed my humble blog with this amazing award, thank you very much indeed:)


These 12 bloggers who participated in Easy Veggie Recipes and continued to leave their comments on this post will receive Kitchen Collage Sticky Notes as participation prizes from me. Please email me your address by Sunday, February 14, 2010 and I will send these lovely gifts to you right away!

1) Authentic Food Delights
2) Roses r Red
3) Padhu's Kitchen
4) Nandini's Recipes
5) Veggi Fare
6) a2z Vegetarian Cuisine
7) Sara's Corner
8) My Culinary World
9) Nithu Bala Recipes
10) Vegan Epicurean
11) Ruchikacooks
12) Collaborative Curry

Thank you all once again for participating. By the way, I have been still working on experimenting with each Easy Veggie recipe. It is really tough to decide which recipe I like the best because they are all fantastic! I would love to hear what my readers think whose recipe is the best??? I would appreciate your input.


  1. Wow, so much going on - all I can say is Congratulations to you!

    You must be overwhelmed?!

  2. Congratulations !!! Oraphan for your winning the challenge as well as the well deserved awards..

  3. Congrats on your win and the awards,good to see you back to blogging again.

  4. Congrats dear Oraphan for winning the Healthy cooking challenge.So nice to know more about you.
    Thanks for the surprise participation gift.

  5. congrats to all the wonderful deserved awards!

  6. wow...congradulations dear...for deserve it dear..

  7. Congratulations, Oraphan. Impressive awards! Thanks for visiting my blog, Reading, Writing and Recipes. Thanks, too, for following me. I will do the same for you. I hope you enjoy the Not-too-Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus. Although not all my recipes are vegan, I do try to create easy, somewhat healthy recipes many of which can be adapted to be vegan.

  8. Dear, congrats for winning healthy cooking challenge and the award :-) Keep rocking...My wishes for you to get many more awards.Thanks for the wonderful prize...

  9. Congrats Dear for winning healthycooking challenge and the award! Well deserved award dear.

  10. Congraz oraphan,it was so nice reading things that make you happy,always keep smiling & be happy.....and thanks so much for the lovely surprise gifts..its so nice to receive it from a friend like so exicited ...thanks so much oraphan...have a nice day,take care...

  11. Ohhh Oraphan, how lovely to get home from my first day at a new job and see ive been given a prize from you! Thankyou so so so much!!! youve made my day :)
    Are you really trying each easy veggie recipe? wow, thats amazing! I would love to know what you think of them all. As for me, I dont think I will have time to do anything but work, eat and sleep for a while, but I still seem to be attached to the internet.
    Also, thankyou so much for your comment, its always lovely to hear from you.


  12. and for the second half of my comment...(clearly im tired lol)
    And a huge congrats on winning the healthy cooking challenge, you must be super proud :) you deffinately deserve it, along with those two other awards!


  13. Congratulations dear Oraphan! You rock! Thanks a lot for the wonderful prize:)

  14. Congrats dear..........for winning healthy cooking challenge and thank you for lovely prize dear.

  15. I am so late in reading this.Congrats on the win Oraphan. Soups are always healthy esp veggie soups.

    I have a very good excuse :) Proud aunty was looking at nephew photos all day, kids grow so fast..I remember the first day I put a diaper on him and now he is all ready to go to school.

    Thanks for the wonderful gift O, but I will still remember that cute pic every time I see it :)

  16. Congrats dear ,keep rocking.....

  17. Congrats, Oraphan on winning the challenge and on your well-deserved awards, sweetie!!

  18. Congrats Oraphan for your winning prize and award...:)) thanks for visiting me..i'll see u more often..:))


    Joy Of Cooking

  19. Congratulations on your awards, and of course your well deserved win.

    talk to you later,

  20. Dear, thanks for your wishes and the lovely comments on my posts..I've three awards to share with you..please drop and collect it Dear :-) Congrats and I wish you to get many more awards..

  21. Congratulations! You deserve so much more :) Well done!

  22. Congrats Oraphan, keep rocking and wishing you more like these..

  23. Hi Oraphan, I saw your comments on my blog: Reading, Writing, and Recipes. I'll probably try using carrots next time I make the Not-Too-Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus. I think I'll have to increase the spices to balance the carrots more intense flavor and natural sweetness. I hope you and your son enjoy making Apple Hearts and Cherry Salad for Valentine's Day.

  24. Congrats dear for winning the challenge as well as awards...nice to know more about you.....

  25. Congratulations on all your awards!

  26. Wow..that's cool..Congrats on winning the challenge and also on your well deserved awards...
    And Thanks for this surprise gift !!That's so sweet of you !!

  27. Congratulations!


  28. How lovely- You list of 10 things makes me a bit happier just by reading it. :)

  29. Hi Orphan Thanks a lot for the surprise. Congrats.

    I have an award for my 200th post in my blog pls collect it

  30. He hee he..You winning all challenges made me think that Oraphan!
    Yeah, middle east is a good place to visit.

  31. Congratulations on winning the contest! I'm such a fan of healthy cooking and your soup deserves the award.

  32. Congratulations on all the awards you've won!!!
    You must be proud of yourself for your hard work &
    I'm so very proud of you, too.
    Keep on rocking, dear sis!
    Missed talking to you lately ;(

  33. Congratulations. You well deserve these awards :).

  34. Congrats you really deserve these awards....

  35. Hey oraphan , How you been. Was away for a while and I guess have missed a few posts..will catch up soon..Congratulations for your winning the challenge as well as the well deserved awards..Keep rocking!

  36. Congrats!!! on the have an impressive array of veg recipes here. Keep posting...

    First time on your blog...will be back soon.

  37. Thank you Oraphan for the lovely post its. I got it beginning of this week and thrilled to have it. Thanks again.