Tuesday, March 16, 2010

479 Degree Popcorn

Hello Everyone!

Yay!!! I'm back blogging again! You have no idea how much I missed all of you, my dear blogger friends! I just needed some time off from blogging to get organized in the past month.

Last month, my blog was selected as the winner for the Foodie Blogroll "comment to win a 479 Popcorn-organic popcorn sampler" contest. Thank you so much, The Foodie Blogroll!

I was super excited when I received these wonderful organic popcorn samplers from 479 Degree Popcorn. To be honest with you, I am not a great fan of popcorn but my son really is! I was very happy to win this contest because I thought my son would enjoy them.

The first night, my son picked the "Black Truffle + White Cheddar" as he is a big cheese eater and he loved it so much. My husband tried some and he said it was GOOD. I tried a little and it wasn't calling my name!

The next day, I opened up the "Chipotle Caramel + Almonds". Oh My Goodness! It was delicious or what! I loved the rich flavor of organic caramel with chipotle chili, the yummiest and crunchiest toasted almonds that I wished I could have more, YUM! My son and I were fighting over this bowl... "Mom! you said this is for me only... you said you don't like popcorn... you said you wanted to try just a little....." Oops!

Later on, I started to feel greedy over these flavorful popcorn and I announced that I loved them and they were MINE! I didn't remember when I opened the third and the fourth ones which were "Madras Coconut Curry + Cashews" and "Ginger Sesame Caramel". We ate them so fast and I forgot all about taking photos, the only thing I remembered that I got to eat most of the coconut curry one because my son didn't like it that much. I think they should have put more cashews in that bag, it would have been perfect!

We saved the best for last, it was "Pimenton de la Vera" which has a wonderful aroma of smoky Spanish Paprika, organic tomatoes and onion, YUM! I still remembered the taste of smoky, sweet and salty all at once. Mmm...Mmm!!!

Believe me, you don't need to be a big fan of popcorn to enjoy this gourmet treat!


  1. wow popcorns looks great, must be awesome in taste as well...congraz oraphan...

  2. ohhhh YUM! These look so great, especially that last one. I wonder if they sell them in Australia and if theyre vegan?
    My mouth is watering now, i think I will go and have some popcorn lol


  3. wow! congrats on winning such a great prize!

  4. Thats such a wonderful news...Congrats for your win..

  5. Congrats and so nice to have you back.


  6. Wow! Congrats Dear..wonderful prize..

  7. Such interesting flavors. Maybe I should get more creative with my popcorn seasonings. :)

  8. First and fore most welcome back Oraphan, looking forward to more recipes from your blog.The pop corn looks delicious.Congrats on the win.

  9. Congrats on the win Oraphan! Thats a great news:)

  10. Great win! I love popcorn...such a satisfying snack!

  11. I just love popcorns. Congrats. Do collect your award from my blog.

  12. Popcorn looks so tempting and congrats!

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