Friday, September 25, 2009

Easy Fruity Soy Smoothie!!!

I started my Friday morning with this easy fruity soy smoothie. I actually used mango but I called it "Fruity" just because it sounds better, ha...ha..ha!!! :)

By the way, you can use any kind of fruit you prefer. For me, whatever I have in my fridge, it will do!

In blender, combine about a cup and a half of vanilla soy milk, 1/2 cup of mango chunks, 1/2 avocado, 2 Tbsp of agave syrup, and 1/2 cup of ice (if desired). Blend together until smooth and creamyyyyyy. Mmmmm!

What a perfect breakfast!!!

I loved my mango smoothie so much so I made another one for lunch, this time I used about 5 dates instead of agave syrup because I love dates and I have a LOT of them (3 lbs for $5.99 at Costco).
This amazing CLEAN book by Dr. Alejandro Junger is the reason why I'm craving smoothie. I bought this book at Magpie a couple weeks ago because I'm interested in the clean program. Before I finished reading it, I couldn't wait to have a peek at the clean recipes in the last chapter of the book. I found easy and healthy recipes especially for smoothies. I really wanted to make green smoothie from his recipe but I didn't have kale or Swiss chard today so I have to wait until my next grocery shopping trip.

Who is Magpie???
Magpie is a lovely gift shop, located in downtown Manhattan Beach where I have enjoyed working for over 10 years. Magpie will have a website very soon, so if you are interested in getting news from Magpie, you can send your email address to

Last but not least, I have good news from Magpie for anyone who was born in September and October that you can enjoy 20% off your purchases during one visit at Magpie by the end of November'09 (Furniture & sale items excluded). Simply show us proof of your birth date.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! :)


  1. What a GREAT deal on the dates! I've been using them a lot lately, but strangely I don't like them plain! They are perfect mixed in, though!

  2. Kristen,
    Thank you for your comment! Yes, I have a real great deal on the dates:) I usually eat them plain as a snack. I would love to get some ideas from you how to use them.

  3. Oh! I love smoothies! I made a smoothie the past two days but didn't take a pic of them because I drank them all up! :) I used strawberries, pear and banana with dates. Green smoothies are great. Can't wait to see what yours will contain. :)

  4. kmouse,
    lol,it happens to me too! I always drink my smoothie up so fast and forget to take a pic most of the time. I'm planning on drinking green smoothies every morning, I'll let you know how it goes. :)

  5. Wow, what a decadent yet simple smoothie! I have some kale in my fridge at the moment, I'll stay tuned for the green smoothie recipe.

  6. Yum, I love smoothies - yours looks great!

  7. Here comes my favorite category, smoothies!
    I've been drinking all kind of fruit smoothies
    since I've had digestive problem, especially
    soy smoothie lately from your expertice advise!!
    This fruitty smoothie sounds delicious to me,
    I'll try some..thanks again, sis!!!

  8. Oh wow, the smoothie looks great, i must say the avocado is a suprising ingredient! I love smoothies and juices although i usually only have them in warmer weather.
    That book sounds great. I bet it was fun working in the gift shop, surrounded by beautiful things!
    Also, thankyou for your lovely comments during the week :)


  9. Those smoothies sound fabulous! Doesn't Costco rule?

  10. The ordinary Vegetarian,
    Please stay tuned, I'll post the green smoothie recipe very soon, thank you:)

    Simply Life & P'Noi,
    Thank you for your kind comments:)

    Believe it or not avocado is one of the ingredients of green smoothie from CLEAN book.
    I love working at Magpie, I always think of you every time I see pretty things in there. Thank YOU, Rose! :)

    Thank you so much! To be honest with you, I'm NOT a big fan of Costco, I just shop there once in a while mostly for gas, rice, detergent or good deal stuff like those dates! :)

  11. =D I love smoothies,(but maybe not the green one) do you know if you can make a pumpkin smoothie?!?!?