Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Your Blog Makes Us Smile" Award

I am very delighted to let you all know that I have received this fantastic award from the lovely Rose at Roses r Red since the end of June. Rose has an amazing blog about her veggie creations, pretty things and fantastical experiences that always makes me smile:) Thank you so very much, Rose! I really appreciate it.

The rules of this award are to pass the award onto six other bloggers whose blogs make you smile:). I found it too hard for me to decide because all of the blogs I read always make me smile:) So I hope it would be alright if I have to break the rules. I would like to pass this award onto EVERYONE on MY BLOG LIST. Your blogs are so inspiring and always make me smile:), thank you all very much!!!


  1. Aw, thanks! Your blog makes me smile, too!

  2. Oh gosh, that was a while ago!
    No worries at all, you do deserve it, and it looks sweet over on your side bar there :)

    Good to see your back to posting again! Still looking forward to seeing pics from your holiday :)


  3. Awww hunni - you're so sweet. AND you've just made me smile so double whammy points for you.

  4. Yay! Your blog always makes me smile. Can't wait for your next food post!

  5. * Your blog makes me smile.
    * Waiting for your beautiful dishes.

  6. Thank you all so much, your kind comments made me smile:)